Working at home, not working in café

Self-explanatory. When I am in a certain coffee-shop, I have to turn off Blokada to read the news, or do anything else. At home, no problem.

It must be their router… I think. Is there a way to overcome this?


Is this with or without activating Blokada Plus?

I have Blokada always active. When I am at home, no problem whatsoever… everything works etc. When I go to the café or the bakery (public WiFi), I cannot access anything. When I de-activate Blokada, I can; when I use data, I can. No big deal, but I would like to know what is the reason, and, of course, if there is a way to resolve it.

Yes, but are you using Blokada Plus? Are you connected to one of the VPN locations?
Some public WiFi’s only allow certain ports, where that could be a reason why it would be failing like this.

Other reasons may be if they use some kind of transparent proxy that requires you to use their own DNS, it’s hard to find a work around without having access to the network. I’d suggest trying other WiFi’s as well to see if the problem persists or if it’s only this particular café/bakery.

Not enabling Blokada Plus on a public network leaves you open for eavesdropping or traffic hijack attempts

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