Blokada and public hotspots

I have a problem with logging my phone to public hotspots which require additional authorization through their website (opening a page with “I accept terms and conditions” etc.) Blokada stops these pages from opening. I have to turn it off, load the website, authorize access, and then I can turn Blokada on again. Last time it happened I looked through “activity” tab and tried to whitelist some hosts which had been recently blocked, but no luck. Is there a setting to be changed or some simple solution to that? My phone is Xiaomi, Android 11.

Here you go:

Thanks. I use Blokada Libre. In every public hotspot I try to access I get the screen like the one below. Strangely enough, when I checked my log in this particular hotspot, was listed as “alllowed”. So far the only way for me is to disable Blokada temporarily, log in to the hotspot, and then re0enable Blokada.

That’s expected behaviour since blokada doesn’t use the router dns but your specified DNS. You need to disable blokada temporarily for that page to pop up.

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Thanks, but why didn’t I get that behaviour on my old phone? Was it the fact that I used Blokada 4, or that it was Android 9, or the combination of both?

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