Blokada+ blocks internet

After uninstalling and reinstalling blokada I had internet connection again when blokada+ was active. But only for a moment.
The problem ( bug) is that when blokada+ is active and the phone switches wifi networks ( I have 3 networks in my house) it blocks internet connection for every app on my phone.
After disabeling and re-enable + mode, internet connection is restored again( until the wifinetwork is switched again).
I tested this many times and always the same result.

Also : Sometimes after not using the phone for a while or in the morning when I wake the phone internet is blocked bij blockada+ and I have to disable and re-enable + mode to get internet again.
(I have disabled battery saving for blocka app)

Poco F2 Pro, android 11, Blokada 5.16 official.

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Does anything change when switching WiFi, like local IP or external IP addresses?

Yes, the ip adress given bij the routers to the phone changes depending which router the phone connects to.

I didn’t see you mention, do you have “Block connections without VPN” enabled in your System settings?

No, is not enabled.

And again this morning, like every morning, after waking up my phone I had to disable the + mode to get internet. The phone was on the same wifi network the whole night, but even then blokada blocks internet after a while when in + mode.

I have a similar problem with Blokada 5.16.0 on Android 11, phone Blloc Zero18, and also another related issue.

The problem occurs when Blokada+ is active and the option “Block connections without VPN” is set to off (the connections without VPN are not blocked). With this setting, each time I explicitly disable the wifi connection on my phone (or wifi disconnects due to no signal), after when I reset again the wifi connection (or wifi reconnects automatically when the signal increases), Blokada+ blocks internet connection for each application.
Internet connection is restored again after reactivating Blocada+ mode.

This problem does not occurs when the option “Block connections without VPN” is set to on (the connections without VPN are blocked).

But in this case the new following problem occurs:
an app, which is explicitly bypassed in the list of the apps that should never be blocked by Blokada+, is also blocked, i.e. it cannot connect to internet (when the option “Block connections without VPN” is set to on, i.e., the connections without VPN are blocked).
An app marked as “bypassed” in Blokada+ should not be blocked by the VPN of Blokada+.
The “bypassed” option seems to have no effect when the option “Block connections without VPN” is set to on, but is not clear if this is a design choice or a bug.
Perhaps it would be necessary to separate the option “Block connections without VPN” in two different options:

  • “Block connections without VPN”,
  • “Block connections without VPN except those explicitly bypassed”.

Thank you.

The option " block connections without vpn" is not an option in blokada but is an option from the miui rom I think. So blokada cannot change anything about that.

After enabeling the option “block connections without vpn” I can conform that blokada+ doesn’t block the internet connection anymore :slight_smile:

But now of course the bypassed apps no longer have internet connection :frowning:

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