Which DNS are you guys using? and why?

for now, Im using the default one : Blokada DNS

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Blokada DNS & Digitalle Gesselschaft. The first one is hosted by the Blokada team while the later is hosted in Switzerland outside the 14 or 5 eyes of surveillance.

„Digitale Gesellschaft“ is the only recommended DNS Provider in the Blokada list. I‘m asking myself why Blokada, as a privacy tool, lists Google and Cloudflare…

“Digitale Gesellschaft” as well. But I really would like to use a DNS that I can configure myself.
That’s currently the main thing that I’m unhappy with in Blokada.

We’re adding dns servers and blocklists mostly at community request. In some countries cloudflare and Google are the go to dns providers. If you have any additional recommendations please let us know

Hi Printable Character,

there are some DNS Providers I would recommend. To me there are some things important to make a decision:

DoT / DoH
no censorship
free access and transparency

In case of integration in Blokada there’s no need to choose a service which has integrated adblockers or other content filters. You have your own… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The following DNS resolvers do it right that:

  1. Digitalcourage e.V. (Germany)
  2. Digitale Gesellschaft (Switzerland) :white_check_mark:
  3. Censurfridns aka UncensoredDNS (Denmark)
  4. Quad9 (Switzerland) - with many blocklists against cyber threats; overblocking possible
  5. Freifunk München (Germany)

I have a focus on european/german services, but for sure there are many more.

Sorry I can only put 2 links in one post

Please note that it’s also important to us to only implement dns servers which have a fallback server as well.
So… Digitalcourage should be out of the picture already.

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