Blokada cloud on router

I set dns over TLS in my fritzbox 7530AX and the blokada cloud entry is not blocking any ads on any device.
I checked /etc/resolv.conf on my Notebook, which points to my router.

I had all of those as DNS servers listed.
Who could have known, that when having fallback dns servers it will choose them first.

Downside of removing all my fallback dns servers is obvious.

[blokada id]

How can I use blokada with cloudflare or google dns as fallback?
How can I tell my fritzbox which dns server to use first?
I thought by default it will use the first entry.

Somehow when using my [blokada id] it only blocks around 40% of ads from here:

If I enter the id given from the dashboard for a private DNS, I get 93% on chrome.

Also, the blokada dns service just went down for me. I had to enter other DNS as fallback…

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