Blokada Cloud on Router and other Questions


I have just created a Blokada Cloud test account and have a question. Maybe your answer will lead to more questions :smiley:

Can I set up Blokada Cloud on my router (FritzBox!)? Unfortunately, I can’t find any IP addresses for the DNS servers that I could enter there. Currently, the Cloudflare DNS is entered there, which would of course be redundant (Cloudflare DNS → Blokada > Google DNS).

Yes, Fritz!Box-Setup for DNS over TLS is possible.
Use this manual (in German) as a starter.
Use {Your-Blokada-ID} as DNS server resolve name (DoT-URI).
If you don’t know your Blokada-ID: Easy to get via the device setup tool → Android → Private DNS → Step 2.
If you untick the Fallback-Option (for unsecure DNS), which I recommend, the IP addresses are ignored and only the DoT-URI will be used.

@Blokada-Team: Would be great if you could add an seperate device setup option for DoT-scenario to generate this URI.

Hello, thank you for your answer.
Which IP addresses do I enter in the FritzBox for IPv4 and IPv6?

Do I still need a DynDNS service? MyFritz perhaps?

They are not needed (and used). You can tick the provider option.
I use the DNS server IPs given in the link above (at the top of the page): - IPv4: / IPv6: 2001:678:e68:f000:: / 2001:678:ed0:f000::

Only you can know if you need it.
Since I don’t use DynDNS myself, I can’t report anything practical about it. However, I can’t think of any reason why it shouldn’t work.

Hello, thank you very much for your help!
The method with DNS over TLS works perfectly here :slight_smile:
What I meant with my Dyn DNS question is: With the DoT URL method I don’t need such a service, do I? If this would run via the normal DNS servers, I would need a way to match the IP addresses (between my router and Blokada).

I have another question: How can I exclude whole websites from the filtering?
Just an example: At the whole site is blocked because an ad blocker was detected.

And another question: I have now successfully set up Blokada Cloud in my FritzBox in my home network. Blokada is also running on my iPhone.
Can I create an exclusion for my home network in the iPhone app? Because if I’m connected to my FritzBox via WLAN, I don’t need Blokada on my iPhone because the filter is already set up.

Again, I have no expertise in DynDNS. But as I understand it, it is used to find a way from Internet into your local network. Therefore, an IP address is needed. DynDNS is needed if you have a dynamic IP address (given by your ISP). DoT doesn’t change your IP address (therefore, you would need a VPN service).
If you need access from Internet into your local network, you need DynDNS. If not, not. :wink:

This is what you need.
Alternatively, you could play with your blocklist settings.

You could manually set a DNS server (should be your Fritz!Box IP address) in the iPhone network settings for your home Wi-Fi.

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@kkg just dropping by to tell you: awesome explanation. I wouldve tried to explain it in a much worse way since i´m very uncreative xD

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