What happens if I delete my VPN profile?

Hi, what happens if I delete my local VPN profile? Would I lose any Blokada settings? Will I be able simply make a new local VPN profile afterwards?

Hi there,
Deleting that is of no use.
You may as well just deactivate blokada and you’re good to go.
The total amount of registered vpn connections isn’t limited, just the amount of simultaneously active vpn connections is limited to one

:roll_eyes: If you must know, I’m trying to run a free trial of another app that can only be activated if it creates a local always on VPN profile, which it cannot create on my phone because Blokada already has a local always on VPN profile. Disconnecting from Blokada = deactivating Blokada doesn’t change anything; apparently, you are limited to only one LOCAL VPN PROFILE per device. In the other app’s help forum, they suggested simply uninstalling Blokada, but I don’t want to do that unless I know I won’t lose my Blokada settings if I do. It occurred to me that if I simply delete Blokada’s profile instead, I can create a local always on VPN profile using the other app without uninstalling Blokada; then, once the free trial runs out, if I decide not to buy the other app, I can simply uninstall it and recreate Blokada’s local always on VPN profile afterwards… right?

So just answer my question, please. What happens if I delete my VPN profile? I’m hoping the answer is “nothing; you won’t be able to use Blokada until you recreate it, but you can just click on the ‘activate’ button to recreate your profile and it will be like you’d never deleted it in the first place”, but I want to be sure before I go ahead and do it. I don’t want to risk losing anything.

I’m afraid you might be confusing “always on VPN privileges” and “local vpn connections” here :slight_smile:
In the attached screenshot you can see that multiple VPN profiles can be made and kept simultaneously.
The “always on VPN” setting can be set per profile so I could assign that to either blokada or any of the other applications.
The amount of overall registered VPN profiles isn’t limited - no matter if they’re local or not. They just can’t be enabled or set to “always on VPN” simultaneously. You can always pick and choose which application gets the “always on VPN” tag. They don’t clash with another if one app is just turned off and lost its “always on VPN” privileges. You can provide individual vpn apps with this privilege by pressing the “settings” button next to the individual profile. You can revoke this privilege at any time again afterwards and reassign that to another app.

Why did I choose to show a set of these applications? Because all of them use local VPN connections. None actually connect to third party servers.

Technically you could delete the blokada profile but that wouldn’t be benefitial in any way. Deactivating is enough from an android perspective and that’s all that technically matters. If you try to enable blokada again after deleting the VPN profile, it “should” offer you to create a new vpn profile for itself.
That is “should”.
The VPN API of android tends to be erratic at times.


THANK YOU! You just resolved, in a matter of 4h, a problem that the idiots on the other app’s consumer support forum couldn’t crack in 48 days! I could kiss you right now!

PS: And the guy on the other app’s forum claimed I could only have one local VPN profile per device, but you are absolutely correct, that is total bull$#!†. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Please don’t.
You could however go pet a dog.
That’s equally reassuring that there’s still hope.

I’m glad I was of help to you :slight_smile:

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