Blokada launch kills active VPN

  1. “I gotta change something in Blokada for that op.” Launch Blokada. VPN in current use drops, download lost, IP/home address exposed to webserver.

I didnt [cursing] activate your VPN service, and I didnt [cursing] deactivate the actual VPN I was using! Great [cursing] logical job

I was downloading PTHC cunny straight from the FBI, and your app just gave up my position in Hong Kong where I’m already wanted by the Chinese mafia

  1. If Keep Alive yes, then Notifications no. Because duplicates

  2. Blokada 4.8.5 from F-Droid, on Android 8.1

Please behave.
If you do not you will be warned.

The explanation of how blokada works is displayed below:


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