What happened? All lists have disappeared


Yesterday I unintentionally pressed an Instagram link in the browser and then the Instagram page opened in the browser. This made me very suspicious, because with me it should not have opened at all, because I went after this list here (Link: Blokada: Welche Ad-Blocking-Listen sind sinnvoll? ⋆ Kuketz IT-Security Blog).

Now everything is turned off for me except this one: OISD > Basic (Wildcards)

Why was my setting overwritten and what are wildcards supposed to be? Why do Instagram links open and why do I see when there is activity, for example, “www.facebook.com” is put through?!

I don’t use any apps or services from Facebook at all and had enjoyed having everything blocked by Facebook (WhatsApp, Instagram & Facebook) for years. Should I switch my list again or does this “wildcard” learn that Facebook should not be allowed through?

I’ve been using Blokada for a very long time and remember in version 4 these “wildcards” were declared beta but since I didn’t understand how they worked, I never had them enabled. Please tell me why my settings have been overwritten and how I should handle Blokada in the future. Maybe someday I will understand these “wildcards” and then I might be glad that they are active.

But I still find it sad that without warning my blacklists were changed and I only noticed by chance that there is something wrong.

Oh so: I had a similar problem before, Blokada DNS was set, by itself and irgedwann went your DNS not and I had to go troubleshooting again. Until I realized that my DNS of choice was changed.

Thanks for your attention.

To directly help you the best way possible please provide the following information:

  1. Where did you download Blokada from? :warning: F-Droid with the newest Version: 5.12.0
  2. Which device do you use? Do you use a custom ROM? Do you know which OS version you are using? :warning: Samsung Galaxy S9
  3. Please explain the issue as detailed as possible. Also include patterns you observed (like ‘it only happens on wifi’). The more information the better. :warning: Ok.
  4. Since when are you facing this issue? :warning: Since Instagram pages open up.
  5. Did you already try to solve the issue somehow? If so: please state what you did. :warning: Restart and look around in the app to see what’s going on.

That shouldn’t have happened.
Here’s how we implemented Wildcards by now:

What should I do now?
I still don’t understand “wildcards”.
Does this list now continue to expand on its own or do I now have to reactivate my old ones, what should I do?

Please explain in layman’s terms, because I didn’t understand the linking either. Should I now block facebook.com manually because it is a subdomain or should I activate my old lists again?

Please for help. Thanks.

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