V5.11.0 app theme refresh issue - Android 11


Blokada system default theme is not refreshed automatically when changing android system theme.

  1. Set Blokada app theme to system default
  2. Change system UI theme automatically (time based) in Android settings → Display → Dark mode.
  3. Open Blokada app right after system theme is switched between light and dark.

Blokada changes theme according to system settings only after force stop.
(Same results when changing system theme manually).

  • OnePlus 7T (Latest official 11 EU) / Android 11 / Blokada v5.11.0

It may be something in the OS11 update for 7t. I have a OP 7 Pro on latest stable OS11 and do not have any problems with day night settings for blokada 5.11 or any other app under this setting. Also manual dark mode toggles without issue. Do you have this same issue with other apps that use default theme?

My issue is just with Blokada.
No problem with all other apps that use default theme. Refresh according to sunrise/sunset and manual dark mode toggle.

I would try these in this order, check if solved after each:
Clear blokada cache
Clear blokada data
Reinstall blokada

already tried reinstalling after you said you don’t have issue on your side

You can try resetting system cache in advanced power menu, I did this by default after my OS11 update, not sure what else to do to help you sorry.

Not helping either. Thank you for your help

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