Unable to block ads in DailyMail v5

I mistakenly upgraded to version 5 and could not get rid of ads at all. My primary reason for using blokada in the first place was to get rid of ads in the daily mail app, with version 5 that was next to impossible , I quickly went back to version 4. Blokada does seem to have got worse with every upgrade over the last year or so.

We need more information on this issue.
Which ROM, device and settings are you using? Can you provide v5 logs?

Also try this:

  • Advanced tab -> Blocklists
  • Activate “Energized”

for me that didn’t work at all. only thing worked was set “blokada dns” on dns settings.

Do not spam that on every thread you find.
The issues discussed here might be fundamentally different to the issue you’re facing.

oh well I’m sorry, but actually my first thread has been splitted into two or more. kind of strange…
that’s ok.

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