The new Blokada Dashboard and Black Friday deal

Hi all, I hope you are well.

So following on our recent redesign of our homepage, we are now releasing the brand new version of our Dashboard.

Blokada Dashboard

Open the new Blokada Dashboard

Currently, this is the place where you can manage your Blokada Plus account, so it is going to replace the existing dashboard ( In the near future, we plan to extend its functionality, and add some cool features for managing the content filtering on all your devices, and more.

Blokada Black Friday deal

The new dashboard will gradually replace the existing one (under the same link) as we test its stability. You can also try it live right now here:

Open the new Blokada Dashboard

To celebrate the release of the new dashboard, as well as Black Friday, we also include additional 15% off to all Blokada Plus prices for all cryptocurrency payments. So, depending on the length of your subscription, you may save up to 35%!

We recommend trying Bitcoin Lightning or Monero for fast and cheap crypto payments.


Why is there no manual change or dns addition as before?

Hey there:)
You can still change your DNS. Currently you can only select DNS from the list as the feature to set a different DNS has not yet been ported to v5. If this feature is important to you, please add your support to this request:


nice idea - unfortunately, as an already registered pro-user (12 months) I cannot buy another extension.
Or have I done something wrong ?

If your account is active then it’s not possible, but PM me once your subscription is over, I’ll make sure you get the discount.

Hi Karol,
thank you for the quick response. My current subscription runs until summer 2021, when I will get back to you :wink:

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