Hi everyone I would like to give some suggestions to make blokada less annoying and would give us a adaptive feature for daily use

The first and more simple feature I’m suggesting would be to add it to widget so we can add it to our Home Screen on iOS with simple functions like on and off switch.

The second and more advanced features would be really nice to have is for example when in a web browser and blokada is active, when clicking on a google search link it mostly directly blocks it from loading, but it would be nice to have some kind of pop up from blokada while in the browser to make a one time exception to load and bypass the adblocker while still being in the browser to avoid going back and forth switching blokada off and on, this also could be used for some apps that won’t load due to blokada blocking them. It would make the app really so much better if function like this would exist.

The third feature would be to add a feature to turn the vpn ad blocker off and add a timer to automatically turn on again after set time

Fourth feature is to give us the option to add on and off switch in control center for access.

Thx and hope to hear from you


Thank you for your suggestions.

The widget idea and the control center switch would certainly be nice to have. The timer to auto-enable Blokada is another popular request; we actually had it in a previous version but had to remove it due to technical challenges with the newer code base. We’re hoping to bring it back in a future release.

The in-browser pop-up for temporary exceptions is a bit more technically challenging to implement, but it’s an interesting idea.

For now, as a temporary workaround, you might consider adding exceptions for those Google search results that are being blocked.

We’ll take all your suggestions into account for future updates. Thank you for helping to make Blokada better!