Feature suggestion : pause toggle

Here’s something that could be useful, right now I have blokada as a toggle in my quick toggle settings in the drown down shade. Whenever something is blocked that shouldn’t but isn’t something easily whitelistable, I use the toggle to turn off blokada.

After this I will forget, until I see adds reminding me to turn it back on.
If the toggle allowed me to pause blokada for say 5 min, and then automatically turn back on. This would make the process more seemless.

Just an idea!

That’s actually a good idea :slight_smile:
Meanwhile you can archive the same result using a Tasker application of your choice

This exact feature exists on iOS. I’m sure it will get included on Android as well soon.

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I’m surprised blokada even exists for ios, but great, fingers crossed for this feature to make the move over to the green camp then

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