Strange addresses in Activity list

Blokada 5…22307 has, suddenly in the past two or three days, begun showing odd entries in the Activity list as allowed. These entries are in the form of “”, withe numbers varying. According to a web search, these are some kind of reverse DNS lookup, that the numbers are an IP address in reverse.

I have tried multiple DNS servers in Blokada, and even changed some settings in Android (and changed them back again when it made no difference) to test, but the strange addresses continue to appear, often in as many as 5 to 10 (or more) all one after another, in the Activity liscan anyone explain tgese entries or why the have begun showing (i have only noticed them in 22307, but can’t say for certain that it has been only in 22307) in the past few days?

Yes it’s a reverse lookup to see if the IP resolves to a hostname, it resolves to

This is normal DNS activity, changing dns server or app version won’t make these disappear :slight_smile:

If normal DNS activity, why did they never show in the Activity list until just recently? They have only shown up for about a week… was there a change in Blokada that suddenly, these reverse lookups begin appearing? (One of them, often one of the first, is my router/gateway internal network IP address.)

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