Resolve in local Network

When I use Blokada on my Mac, hosts in the local network are not resolved by name.

For Example: (router) cannot bei resolved when Blokada is enabled. Is there a chance to make it work without editing the /etc/hosts file?

I it planed to implement a “bypass” feature in Blokada Cloud that allow a configuration of Hostname → Local Network IP?

Thank you

Hello, we meet again :slight_smile:

As far as I know, “bonjour” a.k.a. mDNS should work just fine.
For example if your ran an avahi that announces fritz.local you should be able to discover it.

Custom hostnames configured through Blokada Cloud is an interesting idea, but not something we will prioritize in the near term.

Hi again :wink:

yes, that works for my synology NAS but sadly not for my FritzBox or NoN-Boujour-Devices. I will try to find, if there is any setting for this :).

Thank you!

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