Please add network dependency for DNS setting


It would be really nice if Blokada could set the DNS servers depending on the network.

E.g. in the local network the DNS servers set by DHCP should be used and in any public network (for reference use RFC573) the selected public DNS servers should be used.

Maybe add an “Advanced mode” so the option is not available by default and advanced users can add custom networks where the DNS servers from DHCP are used (would be a little less effort than checking for a given set of networks).

Background Info:
If someone needs to use DNS entries from the local network but have chosen e.g. the DigitalCourage DNS servers, the local DNS entries cannot be used and the user doesn’t want to switch the DNS setting everytime.


Edit: Added background information.

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Please check the most recent version and tell us whether or not that’s what you were looking for :smiley: