Release Versions for 4.11.0

What’s the difference between app-full-official.apk and blokada-v4.11.0.apk?
They have different hashes and offered under assets here

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They have different package names.

app-full-official has the package name org.blokada.origin.alarm which is the original package name, and is used by Blokada 5 now. So it’s possible for us to send an OTA update from Blokada 4 to Blokada 5 for this version, which we did a while ago.

Some people though did not want to update, so we introduced separate package name for Blokada 4, which will never be prompting to update to Blokada 5. This is blokada-v4.11.0.apk (package name org.blokada.fyra).

No other differences.