Blokada 5 version number on android does not match that of the github release

Installing Blokada 5 from the official website for android shows the following information for the apk -

Navigating to the blokada 5 android repo on github though shows the latest release version as - Blokada 5 for Android (23.1.2)

I have installed the right application, I hope so, then why is there a discrepancy of the version numbers between the official website release and the github release for the blokada 5 application on android? Am I missing something?

Well the version from the website should be the official one.
The development has been tracked on GitHub until the latest version only the releases are not available there.

I hope so.

I don’t quite get what you are trying to say, should not the official website’s latest software release match that of the github release?

Taking firefox as an example, the official app store latest release version is 119.1 and the same corresponds to the firefox ios latest github release which is 119.1 - Releases · mozilla-mobile/firefox-ios · GitHub

It can be used to verify the latest release versions (serial number); it helps in determining the authenticity of the software, why does not blokada 5 follow the same procedure?

Why should it? I don’t think it helps in the case you mention. Blokada publishes the software on their website. Could it be less official?

The commit history shows the development until 23.2.1. This is the commit marking the latest version.
Only there is no APK available. Why they stopped adding the releases to GitHub as well only the Blokada team can answer. In the end it would be just a duplicate.

The reason why I started this discussion is because many people like me use github releases for updates regarding software updates. I don’t go to many open source projects websites, they publish the executable in their releases, I get a notification through RSS, and this is how I know an update is available, much easier as this is what I am used to, I assume many people do that here. I thought it extremely weird to see a popular application like blokada not update it’s releases as I thought it was standard. There might be a good reason for this, hopefully a Blokada developer can share their insight.

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The github repositories, they have changed a while ago.

The main repo is this, and it’s linking to the newest releases for each app variant:

The direct links to releases are now here:

If you follow the link to five-android, you see that it’s 23.2.1. The “releases” section of that repo is not used anymore. I think it was kept for legacy reasons, so the links are still available.