Quick Update!

Hi all,

I wanted to make a quick announcement since a lot of you are asking “Why is Blokada not getting updated?”

We truly appreciate your enthusiasm and support for our platform. Indeed, we understand that there has been a bit of a wait since our last release in February, and for that, we apologize.

Our team is currently engaged in developing significant enhancements to our services.

These significant changes, aimed at offering a superior user experience and enhancing the overall functionality of our platform, require a substantial amount of time and careful development.

We want to assure you that quality is paramount in our mission, and sometimes this means taking a bit more time to ensure our updates are as polished as possible.

In the meantime, we’re constantly updating the blocklists to make sure that you are not seeing any unwanted ads.

We genuinely value your patience during this period.

Stay tuned for updates!


Minor but significant spelling correction: ANNOUNCEMENT . Attn: @Reda_Labdaoui

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Hi there
Can we get at least an estimated date on the release date? and it would be nice if you also can list some of those Majore improvement your working on so we can look forward to the release date. I’m here because I’m a blokada+ member and am very disappointed with the functions and app all together and was considering canceling my account but I really hope after seeing this that you guys will make the app work like it used to be and better so I can enjoy your service like it supposed to be intended.