Updates: Blokada 6 - Blokada Coud

We’re excited to share some updates which have been implemented to improve your experience with Blokada v6.

Critical Blocklist Updates

Our sincerest thanks go out to @chrishub188. His feedback highlighted an issue where our wildcard blocklists were over-blocking.

We are pleased to announce that this problem has been addressed.

Additionally, during a recent update of the default OISD list, some ad-serving domains, that should ideally have been blocked, were removed.

To rectify this situation, we have reverted the blocklist to its prior state and anticipate it to perform better.

Future Enhancement Plans

We are planning a future update that will allow for more blocklist configurations to be selected within the native apps, offering you a more tailored experience.

This will allow us to once again enable the latest blocklist updates.

Maintenance and Optimization

As part of our commitment to delivering a highly performant and efficient cloud service, we’ve ensured that the Blokada Cloud is up-to-date with routine adjustments and minor bug fixes.

These enhancements help us provide a stable, robust service that meets your ad-blocking needs. Test your ad-blocking configuration by visiting the following link:

Your Feedback Matters

We greatly appreciate your continued support and feedback. It empowers us to continuously refine and adapt Blokada to better serve your needs.

Enjoy using Blokada and stay safe!

Thank you very much for your work and commitment to this project. That goes to you Reda as well as the entire team behind Blokada. Whether the fixes are major or minor, front end or server backend, you’ve got my support and I do plan on renewing my annual subscription next month. In a sea that can so often be full of pessimistic or entitled comments by users, it doesn’t hurt nor take much effort to share kindness and optimism and really just plain fairness considering I’ve been using your software for so long as freeware and the subscription isn’t asking much at all given what’s at work. Plus it works and it’s continuously improving with many years to come. So that’s my only wish of entitlement, that this battle against intrusive adverts, trackers, and threats to our privacy and user data continues moving forward, which Blokada truly does!

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