Question about no server in Blokada

Hello, My issue is on a iPad mini OS 15 beta. My issue is that, when going to vpn tab, then clicking the ( i ) in settings I noticed that there’s no server. It literally says no server and the sever address is I cleared the configuration (deleted) then re-installed but no change. I don’t have the paid version yet. I downloaded from the Apple App Store. Also note that yes I’m trying the beta but other VPN’s servers have worked before. I really like this program and I want it to work. Thanks in advance.

Hi, that is the expected behaviour in libre mode (not Blokada +) the server is only located on your device ( is link local only).

Alright, I understand. Guess I’ll have to upgrade. :slight_smile:

If your goal is to just block ads and/or trackers then libre mode is the right thing to go for. Blokada + is the paid VPN service.

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