NOX Emulator issue


I have NOX emulator ( - Android 5) installed on Windows (8.1 x -64),

in which three emulators / windows are created, each of them has Blokada (4.8.3) installed.

In general, it works well (before that I tested two or three similar programs) - so far, I settled on it.

Approximately 8-10 days after installation, I receive the following message:

Although I do not change anything in the settings, when I try to reset the settings to “default” and / or “configure again”, nothing happens, I still continue to receive this message. Only rearranging the program helps.

As I wrote above, all this comes at intervals of 8-10 days, in all three windows of the emulator.

By the way, I tried to update the program to the newest version,

left the old version, the result is the same …

Can you please tell me if this can be fixed somehow?

I would like to use the program further, but constant reinstallations are boring ((.

Thanks in advance.

PS: When writing this text, machine translation from my native language was used.

PPS: Happy Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! ))

Emulators tend to act quite erratic. We cannot assist you here. Maybe the emulator community can help you out

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