How does Blokada work with Android Emulators in Windows

I use Blokada with BlueStacks emulator and apparently it works well, but my question is does it affect Windows programs? Is there a Windows based Blokada in the works?

We do not have any ETA for Blokada on Windows yet. We just recently introduced blokada for iOS and a new engine for android and iOS so we’re currently focusing on that.
Emulators shouldn’t affect what happens on Windows. You may use Spybot or HostsMan instead

But wait. I have Blokada installed in BlueStacks, and it makes a difference; I believe it is working fine inside of the emulator, but how can it work on that part of the pc and not affect the whole? Thus, my question is whether this is so. Emulators have evolved to run almost any android app quite well. And then, what about Windows and their “Your Phone” app communicating so well with android phones? Will this evolve to become the norm. Windows will simply be a perfect phone extension with a nice big screen and plenty of storage. It is interesting, if nothing else.

The point of an emulator is that it doesn’t touch the actual, real system

So the actual “real” system is Windows? Am I right? Then here is my next question. Why, when I install the very latest beta insider edition of Windows, when I try running said emulator, the “real” system goes into an immediate reboot. It states something to the subject of Kernel Stop Error detected. The emulator knocked the system that it does not touch into a tailspin. I guess I’m just more confused than before. Sorry, I don’t mean to be bothering you.

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Ask that the Bluestacks team. Not us. We’re not involved in this