NextDNS and Blokada


Are Blokada and NextDNS mutually exclusive? If not, how to enable both on iOS?

It wasn’t clear to me from other posts I could find here.

Blokada cloud and NextDNS are pretty similar from what I have read and seen. They both use DNS to block ads and trackers. I would think you had to choose which one to use as switching both on will be difficult for most users, and the result of using both may not work as you expected.

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Thanks for that. But I’m not asking if they are comparable, I’m asking if they can be used together, or if only one or the other can be used at any one time.


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It’s technically not possible to use both at the same time.

If there’s a particular feature or blocklist that you’re missing with Blokada Cloud, we will be happy to receive your feedback here or by e-mail:

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