Blokada cloud server latency

Hi everyone,

I’m wondering how’s the latency of Blokada cloud for everyone around the world.

Personally, I found websites loads slightly lower when using Blokada cloud, though a previous post here stated that Blokada cloud uses google dns therefore I believe the latency shouldn’t be bad at all.

Also, I’d like to know the mechanic behind Blokada cloud using google dns, is it like Blokada hosts a dns server on Google cloud? If so, how many servers are there and where are they located?

Looking forward to y’all replies!

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Blokada Cloud have presence in the EU and North America currently, if you’re not located in these regions and you’re not connected with a Blokada Plus location you might experience a higher latency.

For iOS that connects through DoH, a query that was not already cached or filtered, will be resolved by Google DNS. However all traffic goes through servers managed by Blokada and Google will not directly see where you are connecting from.

For Android that connects through DoT, Google is not involved in the resolving

I hope this answers your questions :slight_smile:

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