DoT vs DoH: Why different locations of DNS servers (Blokada Cloud)?

Blokada Cloud is using Google DNS servers.
But why is there a difference in the server location between DoH and DoT?
Using DoT (in my router):

Using DoH (in my browser):

Please read this thread:

Actually, I have already read that. My question was not why Google DNS servers are used, but why DoT method uses US-located servers and DoH method uses Germany-located servers.

Are you from USA? If you are using VPN, could you please specify which location you’re connected to.

I’m located in Germany and I’m not using VPN.


Thank you for bringing this to our attention, indeed you should see Germany in both cases.
We are investigating this further

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@kkg Could you test again now to see if there’s any difference?

Unfortunately, it looks the same to me.

For the record, this issue was resolved with the help of @kkg in private :slight_smile: