Blokada Cloud server location

Hello everyone, I am considering purchasing Blokada Cloud, a service from my understanding that uses DNS to filter out requests.

However, I have not yet made a decision because I am uncertain about the server’s latency in my location, Taipei, Taiwan.

Since Blokada does not offer a free trial, I cannot test the performance myself. I am curious to know the location of Blokada Cloud’s servers and if anyone living in Taiwan has experience using Blokada and can share their experience with the service. Thank you all!

Hey @ray0901 ,

Welcome to our community and thanks for posting!

Blokada Cloud does come with a free trial for most countries, but it does depend on your location.

In your case, Google Play services are available in Taiwan but payment options are restricted, so I would recommend giving it a try and letting me know if it works here.

I checked but sadly Blokada cloud does not come with a free trial in Taiwan.

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