Needing notifications turned on to use

I want to know how to go back to not needing a constant notification in order to run blokada. I had the notifications blocked for the laat year because its unnecessary and i honesty hate ha ing notifications so i clear them often. Now i have to have them on to run a service i pay for? Id rather not. So please inform me of how to get around this unless notification or ill ve finding another ad blocking swrvice to use.

Andriod 13. Samsung galaxy fold 3. Newest available bloackada on the playstore.


I’m not sure what mean by “not having notification”, if you mean the Blokada notification showing on the top bar and you want to remove it.

You can do so by clicking and holding the Blokada notification and clicking on “Turn off notifications”.

Thats working now. Ty. Yesterday when i did it, it turned blokada off and the app said notifications had to be on to use. Weird.

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Happy to hear!

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