Multiple or single blocklist

Umm… I haven’t been using blockade for awhile. So I was wondering whether I need to use multiple blocklists or a couple or so. I ask this because I presume that most of these lists have a lot in common.
Thanks beforehand for ur input.

The default one that Blokada comes preconfigured with Energized Blu is sufficient for most users, if it’s not blocking enough ads for you, consider replacing Blu with Basic. You can consult the bellow image for a more detailed overview.

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I mistakenly activated all blocklists in Blokada 5.6.0 Android. If this isn’t an effective option, what is the simplest, fastest way to change to Basic? I have Plus subscription.

OS is Android 8.1. Also, is Blokada available for Windows 10 x64 PC?


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