Blocklist suggestions

Hi there,
Since Blokada is still an adblocker, I´d love to create a centralised spot to collect and keep track of some blocklist ideas hence I created this post. Feel free to leave Likes on the ideas you like and recommend your blocklists of choice if they aren’t already incorporated into the collection. With the possibilities blokada Cloud offers, i´d love to see the list choices expanding from mobile centered blocklists to overall device centered blocklists. Blocklists are capable of blocking Windows Telemetry, some Torrents, Crypto, Smart TV ads and more. And thats just what the already partly available The Block List Project offers. Theres plenty more good stuff out there.


I myself stumbled across a great collection to german speaking users which seems to be actively maintained and updated regularily: specials/Blocklisten at master · RPiList/specials · GitHub

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