Moving blokada to SD Card: insufficient storage space error?

Hi, on a20 stock android 10, developer options enabled to allow all apps to be installed on external sd card, freeform windows, etc

Everything but preinstalled apps and some newer samsung apps move to my sd card with no issue.
It isn’t the apk, it isn’t isolated to a version.
With the 5.3 beta it did this and there was some weird convoluted way I was able to move it eventually but I stumbled upon that completely accidentally and have no idea how I did it.
So this has to be happening normally for most people right? Anyone figure out a surefire way to get it to run from sd card. I don’t care if I lose features, it’s either that or I have to uninstall it I have no internal storage for updating apps downloading anything etc

Help please! Thank you in advance!

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Hey there:)

unfortunately I have no idea, but I hope someone else who might not have seen the topic has an idea. So I’ll open the topic and reply to it so maybe someone else sees this;) Let’s hope it works xD