Montreal Blokada Tunnel Gateway not routing

I am running an unrooted OnePlus 7T with Android 10 (May 1 patch).
I downloaded Blokada from your website as an APK.
I am running Blokada 4.7.3 (android-29 full official arm64-v8a OnePlus-OnePlus7T touch API compatible.

When I connect to any gateway, routing to the internet works (aka I can open any website).
When I switch to your Montreal gateway, no webpage works (not even or

Obviously my wifi works without blokada and with Blokada tunnel to any gateway except Montreal.

Hi there,
Try reinstalling the app. Make sure to copy your ID first though. There are no limitations by us on the Montréal gateway and everything seems to work properly from our side.

Friendly ping

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