Monitoring traffic size when Blokada active?

Hi guys!

I have the iOS version compiled and running locally and trying to get the byte count in/out when Blokada is active. I think I should be doing this in the network extension near the wireguard calls, but nothing I seem to do makes a difference. I even resorted to modifying the Handle on the rust side with new fields which can be updated but I can’t find where it should belong.

I am trying to help monitor my usage (not the traffic itself but the data consumed) and potentially submit this as a feature, but I am struggling.


If you wish to do it for Blokada Plus, then yes the wireguard calls is probably the right place. But it won’t work for the Libre mode (without the VPN), as then, only DNS queries are directed towards Blokada, so the only thing you could count is the size of DNS queries and responses. This would need to be done in the DNS proxy that Blokada sets up (it’s also in rust).

I see, thanks for replying so promptly! I may not fully understand Blokada’s inner workings. The app is creating a local VPN with a custom tunnelling protocol where traffic is cleared/blocked. How come this would only be possible if done on a Plus VPN?

Because in Libre mode, the only traffic directed to the local VPN are DNS packets.

Oh okay, is it possible monitor incoming/outgoing traffic somewhere else in the app when in Libre mode?

Since only DNS packets are routed through the vpn and blokada libre doesn’t get in touch with any other data, the answer is probably still no

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