Issues with syncing services like Onedrive/account backup

I am on the Android version of Blockada.

Whenever I attempt to upload my photos to Onedrive or run a backup of my Samsung account, it tells me I cannot because I am connected over a mobile Hotspot. I am not obviously and other services, like Proton VPN work just fine. Is there a fix or workaround so that I don’t have to manually back up my things every time and turn off Blockada?

Have you tried bypassing OneDrive in Blokada?

If for some reason you need to whitelist an app or host so it is not blocked, it’s very easy.

For an app, in Blokada tap the three lines at the bottom, go to Apps / Installed or System apps. There search for the app that you face problems with. Set it’s status to ‘bypassed’. Reboot your device.

To whitelist a domain, either add it manually to Ad blocking / Allowed Hosts or tap on the entry in the Host log. Select ‘block’.

Yep, no luck there unfortunately.

Try going to the System apps settings, locate something like Google Backup Transport, and bypass that. My phone contacts and Google photos wouldn’t back up until I bypassed that system app.

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