Is the DNS service down

Hello all,

is the DNS service down, I’ve been unable to connect to it all day today which is abnormal.

Hi there,

Are you using Blokada Cloud or Plus?

Hello, I am using Blokada cloud

What version are you using exactly?

I don’t think servers are down since we received no such reports.

Please share your log with us at and we’ll look into it further

Hello I am using 22.4.19, I will email my logs through

When I enable Blokada my phone is unable to connect with the DNS server, this only started a few days ago and nothing has changed on my end device wise.

I’ve responded to your ticket, please update Blokada to the latest version and let us know if the issue still occurs.

Good afternoon I checked the play store and I was running the latest release of Blokada 6, I uninstalled and re installed the app from the store and the issue is still persisting

thanks for letting me know, we are looking into the issue

Not a problem thankyou

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