iOS version "Pause 5 minutes" requires Notifications On

I have used paid Blokada (6, I guess) on iOS iPhone 8 for a long time with no problem.

Now, with iOS 16.1 beta 5 the app says I need to allow notifications and Blokada does not show up as an app that I can allow Notifications on in the Settings. Blokada settings does not have Notifications either.

IDK if this is an iOS problem or a Blokada problem, so I am notifying both places. You can get the 16.1 beta and see what it does for you. This began about a week ago for me, when Verizon asked me to reset my phone to try to resolve some cell network issues.

I can turn Blokada off, so I have a work around, but I prefer the 5 minute option where it reminds me to turn it back on.


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Hi there,
Is this issue still persisting?

Yes. I have to turn Blokada completely off to temporarily disable it, and then turn it back on. There is no place in the phone settings to allow notifications from Blokada, but it will not Pause 5 minutes without Notifications on.

Did you try reinstalling the app?
After doing so, keep an eye out for a dialog that asks you if its OK to send notifications while you’re setting up the app.

Preferably also run stable releases of iOS, we don’t officially support beta channels. 16.1 has been released as stable :slight_smile:

OK, reinstalling the app seems to have fixed it. Thanks. This is on the 16.1 public release, not a beta.

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