IOS occasional VPN resets


I experience occasional Blokada VPN resets. Usually, the connection is stable for a couple of minutes and then the “blocked ads/trackers” counter resets and the “connection time” in the VPN settings start from 0:00 again.

Blokada: Libre, release 5.14
DNS: Digitale Gesellschaft (Switzerland)
Lists: OISD, Energized, Steven Black, Goodbye Ads
VPN connect on demand: active
IOS: 14.7.1

I’ve checked the logs and during the time of reset i can see the following:

09:26:49.876 NETX PacketTunnelProvider: disconnectVPN done
09:27:05.964 NETX PacketLoop: sleep
09:28:26.065 NETX PacketLoop: wake

Is this expected behaviour e.g. due to IOS app sleep or something similar?


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In my experience the last two are expected and nothing to be concerned about but the first message you shared is something to be worried about.
Hopefully this is not a RAM issue?

Thanks for your reply! Yeah, the first one got my attention as well. It’s running on a few month old Iphone 12 without any other issues. I believe a general RAM issue should visible with other random effects.

If this is not explainable with IOS itself, I would be willing to build from source and try to debug it.

Edit: Seems to be not only related to Blokada. I tried a real VPN tunnel and do not get a stable long time connection. Resets do happen here as well.

Edit2: Could be the iOS disconnect on sleep issue which affects many VPN apps, e.g. When my iPhone goes to sleep it stops running ProtonVPN - ProtonVPN Support
I could reproduce it on a different iPhone XR with iOS 14.7.1

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