iOS 16.3.1 - DNS config remains after uninstalling app

New user here. Sorry if this has been asked before, didn’t see anything in the search. I installed Blokada from the App Store on my iPhone 13 Pro Max to check it out after finding this sub. I decided against purchasing for now. After uninstalling the app the DNS config settings remain. I dont see a profile to uninstall.

I’ve tried:

  • reinstalling/uninstalling
  • rebooting
  • Reset all Settings

The setting config is still there. Anyone else have a solution or idea on how to remove it? Just wanted to check here before I completely wipe my phone and set up as new. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?

Sent the same message on the subreddit, twitter, and support email last Friday. Still haven’t heard anything. Will nuke and setup iPhone as new if I haven’t heard anything by this Friday. I was hoping there was another option. Seems like a bug…

Side note. Enabling the config without the app installed seems to be routing my DNS traffic though these addresses.


This has been answered on the support email, sorry for the wait!
To anyone else reading, this is a bug in iOS and not something we can control.

The configuration will not be used if you don’t have it selected

Thanks @balboah I saw the email from support this morning and was going to post an update on the matter to anyone reading this thread.

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