Introducing DuckDuckGo Tracker Radar to Blokada

breaks the tp-link website hides images&CSS from the news portal breaks the website. They create various devices for bath and kitchen like dishwasher, microwaves and washing machines. Podcast webplayer used on sites like hosts images for the public radio station DLF breaks images on again. is hosting images for podcast feeds. is a cname for Twitters picture domain

Do you want your false positives reported elsewhere so they can be removed from the file? :wink: is a media player to embed on a website to play your podcast. hosts icons and relevant data and is blocked by also breaks the BBC News Site via blocking js .images and css from belongs to TripAdvisor and breaks the website completely is used for AirBNB.

are used to render the layout of Smarthome supplier

1 Like is the content delivery network of the Linux distro ZorinOS, and blocking it will result in images and CSS not loading.

If is blocked, it is impossible to log in to your e-mail account and you’re just presented an error page complaining about blocked cookies and a non-supported browser.
is used for EpicGames anti-bot and captcha feature and prevents purchases if blocked. ruins the M365 login break the Kosmos games

Apart from fixes, would be nice if it was available in hosts fromat with an localhost ip not just domains for increased compatibility.

This list is still from January while the upstream report is updated monthly. :smiley:

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