Introducing DuckDuckGo Tracker Radar to Blokada

This is a good question.

Sadly I have no time to be pushing those updates one by one to the mainstream. I add all the hosts you guys are reporting here, to our own whitelist, that is then put on top of the DDG generated blacklist. Eventually we may have our own Blokada whitelist at some point, so then it would contain all of the work you guys are making here, and it would be “filtering” all and any blacklists you select for your configuration. I think there is a value in a crowd generated generic whitelist so to say.

I have now added all entries reported up to this point in the thread.


What you could eventually do is submit your whitelist with our comments to the affected upstream lists on a regular basis, if they are intrested.

No you did not :wink:

Most of this block was mentioned before by me :slight_smile:
1 Like hosts podcast audio files

are just maptiles from Carto and break rendering of maps.

is still open

@Karol this pr fixes these issues by running

Thanks for watching my back guys, I have now run the scripts and the lists should be generated properly. is a CNAME for which is hosting static assets like fonts, css and javascript for the Internet Engineering Taskforce. hosts JS, CSS, and image assets for, which breaks the appearance of functionality of the page