Improvement suggestions for android TV

Some improvements are needed for the app to function correctly on android TV.
Tested on the Nvidia shield 2019 pro

App needs to be set to landscape mode if running on Android TV (Blokada 5)

App needs more user friendly navigation for android TV as some areas require a mouse to access/select items (Blokada 4 & 5)

App has no Leanback launcher icon (Blokada 4 & 5)

App will crash if fast scrolling up and down adblock provider list (Blokada 4)

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Please note that v5 isn’t optimized for android TV devices.
Stick to V4 for now.
V4 should be fully accessible with a remote control as well. You might have to figure out the buttons of your remote yourself though

Some options in blokada 4 are not android tv friendly such as toggling block lists on and off. It’s easier to do it with a mouse control as the navigation just isn’t optimised for android tv

Also scrolling very fast up and down the block list using the remote often causing the app to crash & close on blokada 4.

Blokada 5 works fine on android tv - you just need to configure it to run in landscape mode by default and add a leanback launcher icon to both versions of blokada in order for it to appear on the app launcher home screen instead of going through all your apps in the device settings.