Import / Backup Blocklist

Is there a way to backup your bloked list? i was trying to install the latest version which is 5.8.0 because on f-droid it hasn’t been updated yet.

when im trying to install it it fails. maybe i need to uninstall my version first that is 5.6.0

but i dont want to manually block all the “google” & “samsung” tracker from the start again…

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I think this could make a good concept!

For Android devices, it would back up the settings to the Google account the user has chosen, and for Apple devices, it would back up to the user’s iCloud.

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Hi, you cannot install a web/github version over the F-Droid one as they have different signatures that conflict with one another. You can either a) wait for a few weeks until the F-Droid version gets updated or b) uninstall the current version and download the latest stable release off our website.

At the moment you cannot export your custom allow or block lists.


Owh i didn’t know that, thx! man its taking so long lol


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