I think the Yahtzee with Buddies app from Scopely has figured out how to shut blokada off

I play this game quite a bit on my Android 10 phone. For the last few months blokada 5 gets turned off or disabled while playing it. The ads will be blocked for a small while, but after about 10-15 minutes of playing, the ads will start to run.

I’ll check blokada and it will have either been disabled or is still on but failing to block the ads.

To check if Blokada is working properly, visit this link on your device with Blokada activated, and check what score you get:


Your score should be above 70%.

Hi, thanks! Yes, blokada is working, I score 90%.

It works just about everywhere except this game.

Yes, 90% means that Blokada is working perfectly, I guess the game figured out how to beat adblocking.

Thanks. Do the developers read these forums? Do you think they’ll take a look at this?

Hi there,
It’s entirely possible that apps outmanouver the blokada adblocking using encrypted ad serving.
Unluckily that’s not blockable by design since we’re not going to break open that encryption and inspect its contents.
Why? Because we couldn’t guarantee the security of the necessary certificate which you’d have to install. This would allow third parties to hypothetically have easy access to your encrypted traffic such as banking application traffic, passwords and other sensitive information.
All you can try yourself now is to check whether different blocklist combinations achieve different results.

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That makes sense. Is there any chance someone could test out the app and see if that’s indeed what’s happening?

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