How to customize 404 error pages in Android?

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This is not feasible in Blokada, as the app does not interfere in the source code of pages.
I would like to modify the source code of the default 404 page. The 404 pages currently display some text in Android with the image of a green android robot. I’d like to modify this and display a plain white background page. How could I do it in Android? I use Chrome.
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Simplest way is to use a different browser as the 404 handling is within chrome.

Thank you. I was just wondering if someone knew.

Well as an educated guess I would say it was technically quite difficult to achieve within a browser that doesn’t allow much configuring. 404 is a little different to no dns record as it comes from the website server and you would have to intercept the info.

They’re integrated deeply into android. You’d need root for that

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Thank you.

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