How do I know witch tracker is good and which is bad

Hi. I am new here and new using blokada. I want to know if the tracker list that blokada used in this app is that ready or must I do manually block more. I see that some trackers are green and some are red, I suppose it is the choice from blokada. Is this enough or must I check the list and add more and if I should, how do I know witch I have to block and witch not. For me, I don’t know. Grtz.

Hi there. Blokada’s block filters are set by the host lists you enable i.e Energized (Blu), Good Bye Ads, etc.
As you may have figured it out the green domains are allowed while the red ones are blocked. You can manually change this by taping on a domain and adding it to the Allow or Blocked list.

You can also contact the list’s maintainers on GitHub or Telegram if you think a safe domain is wrongfully blocked so that it can be re-evaluated. (the same goes for ad domains & trackers)

You can also use this site as a reference point.


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