Host counter shows a maximum of 99

Hi there,

the per-host counter shows a maximum of 99 on my device although the real number of connection attempts is much higher. This looks like a bug to me (if I click on an entry I see the real number which seems to be correct).

See the following screenshot:

(Blokada 5.15 from F-Droid, Device: Cubot Quest, Android 9)

Hi there,
It isn’t a bug. It’s basically just supposed to tell you that there’s over 99 blocked connections there. Higher numbers would look weird in these icons. It’s a design choice

Sounds reasonable. However, it’s at least surprising, in particular for novice Blokada users who reach the 99 the first time for a hostname and are wondering now if Blokada suddenly stopped blocking connections to it. And for long-term users the number is getting more and more useless because nearly every host will sooner or later reach the number of 99…

The numbers can get very high (Xiaomi lol) so there just isn’t enough space.

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