Amount of rules changing

So I can keep the same amount of hosts? Because when I decreased my host list by one, my rules doubled, which I thought was strange.

Hey there:)
Could you please check the estimated maximum against the selected amount of rules?

The estimated max is approximately 1.3 million rules. When I had 5 active host lists, approximately 250k rules were in place. Upon receiving the error message, I removed 1 host list, and the amount of rules doubled.

Strange behavior, let’s move this to a new topic:)

Which version of Blokada are you currently on:)?

The latest update to version 4.

Could you please reboot your phone.
When you are on wifi, select some lists.
Then wait 10 minutes check the amount of rules (screenshot it). Then unselect a list and check the amount again (screenshot it please). Then check the amount after 5 minutes again (+ who whould have guessed it: screenshot it please;)).
Try this 2 times and see whether the things happening are consistant. If so, please share the screenshots here.

My current guess is that it is somehow related to the list merging process, but we’ll see. Let’s try to get some consistent results first:)


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I guess the original issue was a fluke; however, after following your instructions, there was still a slight increase in rules after removing 1 host list. If the screenshots are out of order, accept my apologies. I am not tech savvy. I’m new to this, so be gentle. The larger amount of rules is with 4 host lists. The smaller amount of rules is with 5 host lists.

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Awesome work! Thank you for trying to reproduce it:)
Okay, I’ll need your help understanding them. First screenshot shows (3:51 PM, the last in your post) the amount of rules after selecting some lists and waiting 10 minutes, right?
Second screenshot is directly after unselecting a list (3:57 PM). 4:12 PM shows the increased amount of rules after the some time waiting.
Then 4:18 shows what’s the status quo currently, right? So what you see after a longer waiting period. Is the amount like this at the moment as well:)?

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3:51 and 4:12 are both after picking lists and waiting 10 minutes. 3:57 and 4:18 (current status quo) are both after deselecting a list and waiting 5 minutes. Sorry for getting the screenshots backwards.

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Ah, perfect:)
sooo that means currently it’s working as expected? Maybe that was because of the whitelisted hosts not being applied yet? How much larger was the number? A lot or only a bit?
And don’t you worry about the order of the screenshots xD It took me a pretty long while to figure that out as well^^

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It was a small amount; nothing really significant.

Then it probably where hosts that are on your allowed list.
Awesome that we figured that out, thanks for providing these helpful screenshots!
Shall we close this topic then:)?

Sounds logical. Let’s consider the problem solved. Thank you for your help.


You are very welcome:)!