[Feature request] Host counter and RAM size

I’d be happy if the visualization of how many domains are currently in the rule set and how many are estimated to fit into the devices RAM would be integrated in v5 as well.
It’s pretty helpful for troubleshooting: whether hosts are selected, why sometimes ads might be blocked and sometimes they aren’t, and if this is written somewhere people can accept the fact that their phone cannot handle all lists at once way better.


Did you get a report from someone on v5 that has ram issues?
On iOS the problem doesn’t exist as we’re limited to 14MB

No, I didn’t. I thought about it twice while troubleshooting but was never able to verify it.
What happens if the domains of the selected lists don’t fit into the RAM?

Lets see when it happens :slight_smile:

I don’t know how often I rewrote this answer now xD
Okay so summarized you want to say that IF that would happen I would know because the user would be like: ‘mimimi look my Blokada is now blinking in 20 different colors…’, right? Or do you want to say that we think about this IF this case should ever happen?

This technical limit will not be there as me move along with future updates and it doesn’t exist on iOS. If this would become a common issue on Android meanwhile, we would prioritize fixing the root cause sooner rather than later

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Okii:) - I still would like the value of how many hosts are selected to be displayed somewhere so I’d like to keep this request open.