Google voice wifi vs cellular data

Android Google pixel 3xl, version 11 OS, sideload Blokada, dns cloudfare malware blocking

When I make a voip call on my Google Voice with Blokada active and connected via Verizon data, the vpn drops and the re establishes causing the call to fail. Same happens when receiving call while on cellular data. When I answer, the vpn drops and so goes the call too.

HOWEVER, when connected to home wifi, the vpn does not drop for both incoming and outgoing calls.

Would like to have this all work while on verizon wireless data connection as it does with wifi.

I have all the GV and Hangouts apps disabled from Blokada…at least the ones that read as such, plus the standard Phone apps…both installed and system

I have unlimited cellular data and make use of my GV number all the time…this is not too much a problem inside my home but outside I need to deactivate Blokada to make a call or when expecting a call… which voids the use of such an app for the most part

Any help from anyone? Apologies if there is a topic on this already, I did not find any while searching the forums


Advanced > Networks > Any mobile network | Enable / disable (disable, on my phone resolve this issue.)

Thanks…but that’s the same as just disabling it for when off wifi… you’re not having the Blokada vpn and associated dns be used for mobile network…I’m on mobile nearly 100%

Thanks for the suggestion but that is NOT a solution to the problem…it’s an avoidance

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Yes :joy:; sorry for not being able to help with a solution.

Edit 01: Blokada doesn’t fully support Android 11R yet.
Edit 02: (quote)

Thanks…I am using Blokada 5.10.1…this issue w GV wireless vs wifi also happened on previous Blokada versions

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